This motion graphics project is based around the concept of desire. The sequence is targeted at students who are considering their career options. It could be displayed at an Arts Fringe festival such as BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Art Fringe) or as part of a motivational campaign aimed at young people.

The aim of the dialogue is to challenge the audience to consider their deepest aspirations. It does this by subconsciously challenging the spectator to explore the pathways of their mind. It puts them in a position to look towards the future, making them inquisitive about what they can do to make the best decisions for themselves. This notion of pathways and navigation inspired me to look at the concept of the labyrinth. The narrative of the animation begins with a shot panning into the labyrinth to simulate the entering of the maze. The animation progresses with the scattering of type revealing the dialogue of the speech. The video gradually exposes more of the labyrinths structure and its hidden typographic composition. I wanted to create a simulating effect for the viewer so chose to incorporate shots from within the maze itself.​​​​​​​ 

Score composed by Samuel Macdonald.
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