The Discover Show was a curated exhibition by the 2019 Graphic Design Graduates of Arts University Bournemouth. It was a showcase of all project material and competition entries from that academic year. 

South House, Arts University Bournemouth

Invitations, bookmarks and a catalogue featuring the work of graduates were commissioned as part of the show. I participated in a team who influenced the art direction of the show, independently leading a team to produce the shows catalogue.

Show Catalogue, Invitation and Bookmark

Show Catalogue featuring Pantone cover

Show Catalogue Editorial

As well as having the opportunity to help direct the progress of the show I was fortunate to have my work selected to occupy an section of the show space. The projects featured were the self-directed Art Publication BUMF and my self directed emotive instruction guides.

Exhibiting of my Work 

After the completed exhibition dates in Bournemouth we were invited to present a selection of the shows contents at the D&AD New Blood Festival in July 2019. As well as having work featured I also was asked to represent my university on the stand communicating with industry and members of the public.


Public Engagement on the Stand

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