The focus of this activity is to aid dementia patients in the recollection of their memories using the power of taste. By trying different foods, it may help remind them of a time or location from their past. These memories can become the topic of conversation in a social situation encouraging a positive discussion centred around the user. The user can also participate in the choosing, preparation and delivery of these elements. One of the most effective properties of this scheme is that it is not required to be conducted under any strict time restraints making the user feel relaxed in this non-competitive environment. Additional elements can be incorporated into this concept such as the playing of music to also encourage meaningful interaction and reminiscence. It allows for moderate stimulation of the user without them becoming overwhelmed or distracted. I documented the journey of this project in a editorial format through the use of text and imagery which has been photographed below.

Evidence of Conversing with my User

Identifying the Market

Concept Generation

Contents of the Graze Box

Product Packaging 

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