My aim for this project was to explore and gain a better understanding of the design process in a collaborative context. The brief required the creation of a portrait of the Arts University Bournemouth campus. This involved the mapping and analysing of the site in relation to the chosen system used to collect the data. We utilised various data collection methods to gather information about the systems of the University campus.
This film demonstrates the fictional taste of Graphic Design. After conducting research around the concept of type tasting, a survey was conducted to establish what students at the Arts University Bournemouth associated with graphic design in terms of taste. The elements consisting of sweet, sour, bitter and salty were presented as different type faces and students were asked to choose which they felt best represented various courses. The results were combined and the ingredients were selected, this film shows the process. The photos below were taken by myself and describe the journey of the project.

Printing of the poster 

Refining the final outcome of the project

Presentation of the cocktail

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